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Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Han far in April 2002 incorporated in Guangzhou, passed the ISO9001: 2008 quality management system certification, with import and export agents approved by the relevant state ministries, the Guangdong Nuclear Power Group has been a supply providers. At present, our focus on providing products for nuclear power plant owners and attention required technical services, mainly in the power system of mechanical and electrical equipment, instrumentation, automation and control equipment pre-sales technical support, product sales, service and so on. Currently, Division I and EMERSON (Emerson) under ROSEMOUNT (Rosemount) measurement products, MOBREY (Mobo Lei) level products, FISHER (Fisher) regulating valve, ASCO solenoid valve, DANAHER (Danaher) is a GEMS float switch under many other foreign brands to maintain a strategic partnership.

In the nuclear power project, the Division I start from the Ling Ao Phase II, agreed to participate in the bidding MOBREY level products. Currently, there are our supplier of such products users Ling Ao Phase II nuclear power Hongyanhe, Ningde nuclear power, Yangjiang nuclear power, Fangchenggang nuclear power.

In the nuclear power supply of spare parts, the main results are as follows:
● January 2008, has made FISHER (Fisher) regulating valve in the Asia-Pacific region special authorization Guangdong Daya Bay and Ling Ao nuclear power agency;
● April 2008, made Emerson Process Management Ltd. (Guangzhou) ROSEMOUNT measure authorized Branch departments and MOBREY level departments, become the sole distributor of the Guangdong Daya Bay and Ling Ao Nuclear Power nuclear grade products containing part;
● 2009 In December 2009, the Daya Bay in Guangdong Nuclear Power Group signed an operating company FISHER conventional valve spare parts supply long-term agreements;
● 2011 In October 2009, made Emerson Process Management Rosemount Measurement Products Liaoning Hongyanhe nuclear power, Fujian Ningde Nuclear Power spare authorized agent;
● 2011 In November 2009, the Daya Bay in Guangdong Nuclear Power Group signed a ROSEMOUNT transmitter operating companies conventional five-year long-term spare parts supply agreement.

Since I was the Secretary ROSEMOUNT measurement products in the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Operations Management LLC, the sole distributor in these products, strong technical force, has a team of engineers with years of practical experience in the professional and technical staff, who regularly each professional training of large companies that can handle the user's field of nuclear issues in a timely manner, to provide professional, efficient technical service, and to provide the optimal solution.